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Frequently Asked Questions...

Chances are if your thinking it, so has someone else. Check out our frequently asked questions below ...

How long have you been a birth photographer? 
I have been a birth photographer for over 3 and a half years now. It has been an incredible journey so far, one I want to continue for the rest of my life. It's an absolute honour to be invited into a woman's life and birth space.

Why you though? There are dozens of photographers out there, what makes you so different? 

A mentor of mine once said; there are photographers who photograph birth and then there are BIRTH photographers. This couldn’t be any more true. While there are some very talented, professional artists out there , the birth niche is a very unique one. It’s not about just rocking up on the day and snapping away. You need in depth knowledge of the birth process, an understanding of hospital/medical practice, the skill to work in extremely unpredictable lighting situations. Not to mention the ability to hold space, build a strong connection to the birthing woman and her family and to navigate private, intimate situations. I could talk about this topic forever but bottom line I’m not a photographer who captures birth. I am a specialist , I am a mother, I AM apart of your experience, apart of your team, I’m here for YOU. 

How far along into my pregnancy should I book in with you?

​I recommend booking in as soon as you feel called to having your story captured. However due to the limited number of spaces I have available per month I would suggest booking early if possible. If you don't feel the calling until later in your pregnancy that's perfectly ok to! Sometimes I have cancelations or spots open up so please always check in with me. Its never to late, I can always help you arrange the details.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES, YES, YES - As a mum myself I completely understand the financial impact having a baby can bring. I am very flexible with payment plans, considerate of all families needs and am more than happy to work with you to tailor a plan that works for the both of us. This is an amazing, beautiful time of your life. I strongly believe EVERYONE deserves to have their story captured, money should not be the deciding factor. So please, please get in touch if that's all that's standing in your way.

Will we get to meet with you before the birth?

I love this question! Of course, this is actually my favourite part of the whole process, getting to know you and your family. Before even officially booking in with me, we organise an obligation free meet up. Yep you read that correctly, we meet prior to booking. This is completely free, no commitments, no strings attached. We meet up, have a chat, get to know one another. You're free to ask me questions, discuss your preferences, whatever it is you would like. Afterward we both take a few days to think about our meet up determine if we were a match or not. If for whatever reason you decide I'm not the woman to take this journey with you then that's fine, we both go our seperate ways and I wish you all the best. If things go well, we hit it off and you'd love to continue our relationship then great, we move forward and work out the details. I continue to meet/talk/text with you over the duration of your pregnancy, as much or as little as you would like. This helps to create a strong, trust worthy bond between us. Its absolutely imperative that we are comfortable with one another as I will be within your sacred birth space. 

What do you photograph?

I am dedicated to capturing any and every aspect of your birth story. In saying that I am very respectful of your preferences. During our contact throughout your pregnancy, we will go over what you are comfortable with being documented. This will vary from woman to woman. If you don't want crowning shots, I won't get crowning shots, if you want me to stop documenting during an emergency by all means I will stop. Everything is optional and nothing is off limits with me. 

What if something comes up and you can't make it?

I have NEVER had this happen before but of course emergencys do happen. I work closely with a number of fellow birth photographers in the area. This ensures I always have a back up photographer available on standby to be there for you in the very unlikely event I can't be there myself. This would be very extenuating circumstances such as im incredibly ill, I had a family emergency etc. So please don't stress, your experience will not be missed. 

What if I'm in labor for a long time or my baby comes early or overdue?

Baby's come when baby's are ready! I will be with you for along as it takes. Due dates are only a rough guide I pop into my calendar to mark off anything else important. Rest assured that regardless if your baby comes a little early or late that I will be there, it happens and its nothing to worry about.

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